Friday, 8 March 2013



Pictures Courtesy: Theresa Omokwe
Hello folks, its been a while I posted something on my blog and truly I can't explain why. I keep saying I'll write today or tomorrow, but don't respect the decision. I finally said to myself that I'll write when there is a good reason to do so... I have one now :)

I've been a fan of creativity right from my days as a Mass Communications student and my experience at SO&U Saatchi & Saatchi made me a fanatic of anything that's creative. I'm not a fan of Nollywood movies and with what I just explained, you can tell why. But of course I do watch some and when I do, it's because the director and producer respects the basic rules of creativity. Do that and Stin will watch your movie. Thus, the movie AWAKENING!!!
Awakening is a dark thriller starring OC Ukeje, Kehinde Bankole, Femi  Brainard,  Adewale Aroloye. The movie is out TODAY, Friday, 8th of March 2012 in cinemas across the country.
The movie ‘awakening’ tells the story of a young man whose life changes after a series of fatal dreams which come true. With the help of an ambitious journalist, he is able to uncover the truth about his dreams and the truth about their lives.
Awakening is a dark thriller that takes its viewers on a gripping journey of suspense. The story is fast paced – something new is revealed in every scene, drawing the viewer into its intrigue and keeping them guessing every step of the way.  Now that’s creativity defined in simple terms.

Pictures Courtesy: Theresa Omokwe

The movie was made by a group of young people with a truckload of passion, skill and creativity but NO money. Many people wonder how they did it but the saying ‘when there’s a will, there’s a way’ comes to mind.  Passion driven!!!
The movie is directed by James Omokwe and produced by my creative friend, Theresa Omokwe.
I invite you to join the cast and crew TODAY by 6pm at Silverbird Galleria to watch this creative piece. Be there and experience a RE-AWAKENING of whatever good that has been sleeping in you.
Let’s support our own… THAT’S IT!
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Thursday, 6 September 2012


             ...ALREADY READY???
The Boeing MD83 aircraft that crashed in Lagos

On Sunday, June 3rd 2012, Dana Air Flight 9J 992, flying from Abuja to Lagos had a fatal accident. The Boeing MD83 aircraft, with Registration Number 5N-RAM, had 146 passengers onboard: one hundred and nine (109) men, twenty-six (26) women, five (5) children and six (6) infants. A Dana Air Flight Engineer, two (2) Pilots and four (4) Cabin Crew were also aboard the flight. All of them perished... Nigerians wept!

The flight captain had a record of 18,500 flight hours and had already flown 7,100 hours on Boeing MD83 aircrafts. The First Officer had flown 1,100 flight hours, 800 of which on the MD83 aircraft. Both pilots’ licenses are current and are verifiable with the NCAA. Well, to me, they seem qualified enough to take a plane off the ground and put it down safely.

The aircraft had totalled over 60,000 flight hours and, with total cycles of over 35,000. Its last 400-hourly check (A-Check) was on May 30, 2012 while the statutory annual maintenance (C-Check) is not until September 2012. The Certificate of Airworthiness issued by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCCA) after the last C-Check was still very valid as at the time of the incident. SO WHAT WENT WRONG???

What was responsible for the Dana air crash? Now that's one big question that even top officials of the aviation ministry in Nigeria couldn’t attempt to answer. Nigerians, particularly families who had loved ones on that flight are still waiting to know what led to that fatal fall. I’ve promised myself to quit the blame game so I’ll throw stones at no one. The wait continues…

Following the crash, the Air Operators Certificate (AOC) of the airline was ceased and flight operations suspended. Barely three months after the crash, the federal government of Nigeria has cleared Dana Air to fly again. There’s been outrage in some parts of the country…

See below the Press Statement I received from Tony Usidamen, Head of Corporate Communications at Dana Group and signed by the Airline’s Chief Executive Officer, Jacky Hathiramani.


Lagos, September 6, 2012 – The management and the over 558 staff of Dana Air wish to express our deepest appreciation to the Federal Government of Nigeria over the lifting of the suspension of the airline’s operations with effect from Wednesday, September 5, 2012, following government’s satisfaction with the air-worthiness of the airline after a rigorous technical, operational and financial audit.

We also wish to thank all Nigerians and our esteemed guests for your prayers since the tragic accident of Sunday, June 3, 2012. Our thoughts and prayers will always be with the families that lost loved ones; we remain committed to assisting them in every way possible and also fulfilling our obligations to them fully, as stipulated by the law.

The provision of safe, reliable world-class air transport services has always been our focus at Dana Air and we will continue to adhere strictly to safety procedures as required by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Act and all other relevant local and international regulations, as we resume flight operations shortly.


Jacky Hathiramani
Chief Executive Officer

Immediately, the clearance was approved, there’s been condemnation from Labour, rights activists, lawyers and relations of the Dana crash victims, who said it was premature. Among those who criticized the decision, yesterday, were legal icon, Mr Olisa Agbakoba (SAN), Mr Femi Falana   (SAN), Dr Osahon Enabulele (president, Nigeria Medical association, NMA), President-General of Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, TUC, Comrade Peter Esele, and Mr Achief Olajide (a relative of a victim).

What’s your take on this issue, are you in support or against the Federal Government of Nigeria’s decision in letting Dana fly again? Well, while you try to make your opinion count, the management and staff at the airline are more grateful to the Federal Government for letting DANA FLY AGAIN. Period!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Is this the "New Nigeria"?

They just can't be part of the new Nigeria

Boko Haram is probably the most feared name in Nigeria at the moment. This unknown enemy has destroyed several lives and property in the West African Country and still threatening to bring the country to nothing. In fact they don't issue threats, the sect performs whenever they say they will.

The people hear the sounds of their blasts almost every week and families will forever feel the pain they’ve caused by taking away their loved ones. Very painful... and sadly nothing has been done to make Boko Haram history, they are now part of Nigeria. They’ve come to stay. They seem invincible at the moment.
But when will the government of Nigeria stand up and face this menace? When will the leaders defend the people? Is it when they are no more? Tough questions for the leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan who claims to know everything about the sect and yet nothing has been done. Everyday bomb factories are discovered in states in northern Nigeria. Shameful! Who is enjoying the game of killing innocent Nigerians? When did Nigeria become so weak for evil to penetrate and stay? I know I ask tough questions...
Former minister of Defence, General Theophilus Danjuma has warned that Nigeria is on fire over the activities of the Boko Haram sect. I read the piece from the elder statesman and I almost wept for my country. Are we already out of options in tackling this evil? Why can’t we put out this fire? Danjuma, says his call was to seek the attention of Nigerian leaders to a number of socio-economic problems facing the North, which if unattended to, could lead to turning Nigeria into another Somalia in which the country would be in a near state of anarchy. Nigeria is becoming another somalia? Just imagine!
The “dreaded group” has claimed responsibility for the attack on ThisDay, Moment and Sun newspaper offices in Abuja and Kaduna last Thursday. After that, they visited Bayero University Kano and  on Sunday, it was the turn of Jalingo, Taraba state... They are having fun taking lives. Before writing this piece, I saw a youtube video where the sect has threatened to bomb several media houses in the country. Listed as targets for the impending attacks are the Tribune newspaper; The Punch, The Nation, The Guardian, Daily Trust, Daily Sun, Vanguard, Leadership, Peoples Daily, National Accord and other print media organizations. Now they want to cut out the tongue of the people so that they won’t be able to speak of their barbaric activities... We’re not afraid. 
Nigeria was never like this. As a child I had this belief that Nigerians are hard working people who can do everything to stay alive until they make a mark. Today, Nigerians are killing Nigerians, its unthinkable... Its insane! Some part of the country are not bothered since its the north that is suffering from this disease. But I tell you, if nothing is done to put an end to this, Boko Haram will gradually creep into other regions and dump the country into total chaos. God save Nigeria!
No one knows the people empowering this sect, everyday we point fingers cluelessly in search of their sponsors and yet we find nothing. But truth is, we shall overcome these dark forces someday but only when the government and the people of Nigeria stand up to fight  what shouldn’t be part of them. We just can’t live with this evil because for sure its NOT in the blueprint of the “New Nigeria” we are building. Period!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

No wonder its called the CHAMPIONS League...

The two most celebrated players in the world couldn't make it to Munich
    "Cristiano had to fail someday" - Jose Mourinho

Bayern Munich and Real Madrid played an uncontrolled entertaining and wide open 120 minutes of football in the second leg of their UEFA Champions League semifinal tie, for the second ticket to the May 19th final game in Munich. It was indeed a champions league game.
Real Madrid had the perfect start. Mourinho’s men took a 2-0 lead early, but Bayern answered with an away goal that locked up the tie at 3-3. Unlike Lionel Messi before him, Ronaldo had stepped up in the semifinal second leg, filled the gap and scored when it really mattered. With Ronaldo’s display, Real had one foot in next month's final.
But, that one foot didn’t stay there for long. Bayern wanted theirs there also... Thirteen minutes after Ronaldo's second, Arjen Robben scored the only goal Bayern would need, a pinpoint penalty kick just far enough to his left. Casillas went the right way, but could only help the ball into the back of his net. Game on!
With the tie even, both teams changed their strategy and eventually found themselves in a penalty shootout. During the penaties, we saw DRAMA... It was a remarkable moment, with both goalkeepers coming up when their teams needed them most. David Alaba scored the opener for Bayern Munich, which was followed up by a terrific save by Manuel Neuer on Cristiano Ronaldo kick, low and to his right. Advantage Bayern!
The drama didn’t stop. Gomez stepped up and scored for the Bavarians, Kaka got to the spot and missed. Toni Kroos confidently stepped up and LOST. Xabi Alonso scored for Madrid and for me, that triggered the timer on the bomb. Phillip Lahm would have been the hero of the night for Bayern, but oh my God the pressure was too much for the Captain and with an infant kick, Casillas save his penalty and the pride of Los Blancos.
I was thinking Higuain would step up and take the crucial penalty that 'could' put Real Madrid back into contention. But you know Mourinho does the unusual and so he gave Sergio Ramos his blessings. Ramos wasn’t thinking right when he got to the spot. He thought the goal post and Neuer were miles away and with an outrageous kick, the Spaniard blasted to the sky the hopes of Champions League football final for Madrid. Here, I concluded it was over when I saw Bastian heading to the spot.
Bastian Schweinsteiger went the right way, Iker Casillas went the other, the ball flew into the net and destroyed the dreams of over 85,000 Madridistas at the Bernabeu. Painfully, it shattered the hopes of Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho who was vying for his third Champions League title with his third different team. 

So, on May 19th, at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Bayern Munich will host Chelsea in a final that probably only about ten percent of football pundits and followers all over the world predicted. Here, there's no small team... No wonder its called the CHAMPIONS league. Period!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Battle is for the STRONG

The price Chelsea paid was just a red card
This is the first post on my new blog and I'm dedicating it to Chelsea Football Club of England. I don't support any football team at the moment, but when a team does well, nothing will stop me from giving them praise. Enjoy my terrible writing. Lol!!!

The moment Turkish referee Cuneyt Cakir showed Chelsea's skipper John Terry that red card, I said to myself "The fence of the Blues defence is off, its over..." I was so wrong!

Chelsea's qualification for this year's UEFA Champions League final, has once again shown the world that they are a fighting team that don't go down easily. After the sacking of Andre Villas Boas, they've been fighting hard to prove a point... One yet unknown.

Terry was given the marching order in the 37th minute for his violent off-the ball challenge on Alexis Sanchez and added more misery to his team's ambitions. Remember they had lost Gary Cahil due to an injury and moments later, in the 43rd minute to be precise, Andres Iniesta scored the second goal for Barcelona and the Catalans looked ready to be rampant.

I knew Chelsea could fight but I wasn't certain they had the strength to endure Barca's pressure. Sincerely, I was telling a friend on twitter that Chelsea should just "try" to leave it at 2-0. Just when I was about to send that tweet, Ramires scored that stunner. I've watched that goal more than times on youtube today... Its a beauty! That goal was a confidence booster and Chelsea became STRONG.

I've heard people say Chelsea was lucky, others say Barca wasn't good on the night,  some say they parked the bus and blah blah blah blah. Truly they make me wonder if the Blues travelled all the way to Spain to burn the advantage they had at Stamford Bridge. Do you know they played with TEN men? Are you aware Ivanovic and Bosingwa was the centre backs they never bargained for and sadly Barcelona couldn't break them... They were STRONG!

Who wasn't on point for Chelsea in that well-deserved victory (for me it wasn't draw). Cech was outstanding, Ramires was phenomenal, Drogba was a soldier who was everywhere fighting to keep the blue pride, Mikel was resilient, Cole couldn't take chances; he was error free, Ivanovic was firm and always on time... Every Chelsea player was STRONG for 90 minutes.

For me, Chelsea's resurgence started on March 14th after that sensational 4-1 win over Napoli in the round of sixteen. Who didn't say it was all over for them after going down 3-1 in the first leg at the San Paolo stadium. Today, they are in the finals of the Champions league... Aren't they STRONG?

The reformation under interim Coach Roberto Di-matteo continues, and so far, its been a job well done by the former Chelsea player. The Blues have qualified for the finals of the FA Cup and Champions League and they're still fighting to finish fourth in the English Premier League. Trust me, they won't stop fighting and that because they are STRONG. You doubt me? Then for a minute try to understand how Fernando Torres placed himself in that goal-scoring position when he was supposed to be defending. Remember the clock was ticking for both sides, and what a time to score that winner. Chelsea was destined to win!

For the final game in Munich, they will be without Captain John Terry, Raul Meireles, Branislav Ivanovic and the impressive Ramires. Four important players will be missing for Chelsea and one might be quick to write them off in the final game but hey, I'll advise you to just wait till May 19th and speak only after 90 minutes and "added time" has been played.

I do not know the team that will win this year's Uefa Champions League, but on that final day, I know Chelsea will come out STRONGER. Period!

Africans played a big role in Chelsea's win