Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Is this the "New Nigeria"?

They just can't be part of the new Nigeria

Boko Haram is probably the most feared name in Nigeria at the moment. This unknown enemy has destroyed several lives and property in the West African Country and still threatening to bring the country to nothing. In fact they don't issue threats, the sect performs whenever they say they will.

The people hear the sounds of their blasts almost every week and families will forever feel the pain they’ve caused by taking away their loved ones. Very painful... and sadly nothing has been done to make Boko Haram history, they are now part of Nigeria. They’ve come to stay. They seem invincible at the moment.
But when will the government of Nigeria stand up and face this menace? When will the leaders defend the people? Is it when they are no more? Tough questions for the leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan who claims to know everything about the sect and yet nothing has been done. Everyday bomb factories are discovered in states in northern Nigeria. Shameful! Who is enjoying the game of killing innocent Nigerians? When did Nigeria become so weak for evil to penetrate and stay? I know I ask tough questions...
Former minister of Defence, General Theophilus Danjuma has warned that Nigeria is on fire over the activities of the Boko Haram sect. I read the piece from the elder statesman and I almost wept for my country. Are we already out of options in tackling this evil? Why can’t we put out this fire? Danjuma, says his call was to seek the attention of Nigerian leaders to a number of socio-economic problems facing the North, which if unattended to, could lead to turning Nigeria into another Somalia in which the country would be in a near state of anarchy. Nigeria is becoming another somalia? Just imagine!
The “dreaded group” has claimed responsibility for the attack on ThisDay, Moment and Sun newspaper offices in Abuja and Kaduna last Thursday. After that, they visited Bayero University Kano and  on Sunday, it was the turn of Jalingo, Taraba state... They are having fun taking lives. Before writing this piece, I saw a youtube video where the sect has threatened to bomb several media houses in the country. Listed as targets for the impending attacks are the Tribune newspaper; The Punch, The Nation, The Guardian, Daily Trust, Daily Sun, Vanguard, Leadership, Peoples Daily, National Accord and other print media organizations. Now they want to cut out the tongue of the people so that they won’t be able to speak of their barbaric activities... We’re not afraid. 
Nigeria was never like this. As a child I had this belief that Nigerians are hard working people who can do everything to stay alive until they make a mark. Today, Nigerians are killing Nigerians, its unthinkable... Its insane! Some part of the country are not bothered since its the north that is suffering from this disease. But I tell you, if nothing is done to put an end to this, Boko Haram will gradually creep into other regions and dump the country into total chaos. God save Nigeria!
No one knows the people empowering this sect, everyday we point fingers cluelessly in search of their sponsors and yet we find nothing. But truth is, we shall overcome these dark forces someday but only when the government and the people of Nigeria stand up to fight  what shouldn’t be part of them. We just can’t live with this evil because for sure its NOT in the blueprint of the “New Nigeria” we are building. Period!