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Pictures Courtesy: Theresa Omokwe
Hello folks, its been a while I posted something on my blog and truly I can't explain why. I keep saying I'll write today or tomorrow, but don't respect the decision. I finally said to myself that I'll write when there is a good reason to do so... I have one now :)

I've been a fan of creativity right from my days as a Mass Communications student and my experience at SO&U Saatchi & Saatchi made me a fanatic of anything that's creative. I'm not a fan of Nollywood movies and with what I just explained, you can tell why. But of course I do watch some and when I do, it's because the director and producer respects the basic rules of creativity. Do that and Stin will watch your movie. Thus, the movie AWAKENING!!!
Awakening is a dark thriller starring OC Ukeje, Kehinde Bankole, Femi  Brainard,  Adewale Aroloye. The movie is out TODAY, Friday, 8th of March 2012 in cinemas across the country.
The movie ‘awakening’ tells the story of a young man whose life changes after a series of fatal dreams which come true. With the help of an ambitious journalist, he is able to uncover the truth about his dreams and the truth about their lives.
Awakening is a dark thriller that takes its viewers on a gripping journey of suspense. The story is fast paced – something new is revealed in every scene, drawing the viewer into its intrigue and keeping them guessing every step of the way.  Now that’s creativity defined in simple terms.

Pictures Courtesy: Theresa Omokwe

The movie was made by a group of young people with a truckload of passion, skill and creativity but NO money. Many people wonder how they did it but the saying ‘when there’s a will, there’s a way’ comes to mind.  Passion driven!!!
The movie is directed by James Omokwe and produced by my creative friend, Theresa Omokwe.
I invite you to join the cast and crew TODAY by 6pm at Silverbird Galleria to watch this creative piece. Be there and experience a RE-AWAKENING of whatever good that has been sleeping in you.
Let’s support our own… THAT’S IT!
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